How to Sell Your Home in Brentwood Without an Agent

How to Sell Your Home in Brentwood Without an Agent Blog

Learn 10 Inside Secrets to Selling Your Home Yourself

If you’ve tried to sell your home yourself, you know that the minute you put the “For Sale by Owner” sign up, the phone will start to ring off the hook. Unfortunately, most calls aren’t from prospective buyers, but rather from every real estate agent in town who will start to hound you for your listing.

Selling a house in Brentwood is stressful enough when you have a professional agent representing you. But if you decide to go it alone, here are some things you may not realize can make all the difference between getting the highest possible price for your property and losing money.

Know What Agents Don’t Want You To Know

Real estate agents hate being told what to do. They’re trained to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems. However, they also like to protect their clients’ interests. So, they’ll tell you what you want to hear instead of telling you the truth.

For instance, agents will try to convince you that you need to put your home on the market right away. While it’s true that homes tend to sell faster when listed early, it doesn’t necessarily mean that listing sooner is the best move.

Understand How Home Values Are Calculated

Home values aren’t based solely on square footage or number of rooms. Instead, they’re calculated based on location, condition, and amenities. For example, a home located near a park or within walking distance of a grocery store will likely fetch a higher price than a similar home farther away from these features.

Also, homes with larger yards typically command a higher value than smaller ones. And homes with swimming pools, tennis courts, or basketball hoops will usually bring a premium over those without.

Be Aware Of Other Factors Affecting Value

A home’s proximity to public transportation, schools, shopping centers, and restaurants can influence its value. Also, homes in areas prone to flooding, earthquakes, or hurricanes tend to appreciate more quickly after a disaster.

Consider Selling Your Home As Is

Some sellers choose to simply let their houses sit vacant until they’ve found a buyer. Others consider selling their homes as is.

This option allows buyers to walk through the house before making an offer. It also gives you the chance to negotiate a higher asking price since you won’t have to worry about repairs or upgrades.

However, it does require you to disclose any issues with the house to potential buyers.

Do Your Homework Before Listing

Before you list your home, research comparable properties in your area. Doing so will give you a sense of what your home is worth and allow you to set realistic expectations.

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