March 28, 2018

Home Selling

Sell Your House In Brentwood

If you would like to sell a house in Brentwood, One Market Realty can help you sell it fast with profit. We have extensive experience in this market and sell houses in Brentwood with a savings of to 25% commission for a home seller. We stand behind our belief that selling your home is your investment and you deserve to earn the best possible profit on the selling of that investment. By One Market Realty offering this home seller benefit as well as professional guidance in selling your home, we also believe that our valuable clients like you will keep coming back to us when they are seeking real estate services!

We’ll market your home on the Internet and/or through traditional marketing tools and we can even spotlight your property on our Website. One Market Realty has numerous local Web sites targeting the major cities in the nation so home sellers like you can be assured that you’ll pinpoint those desired prospects who are looking for a home like yours in your area. So, if you’re looking to Sell a house in Brentwood and if you’d like to learn how to sell your house fast, please contact us.

Here are some tips on how to sell your house:

Figure out your selling price

Gather your property records and get ready to sell. It’s time to research the current housing market and comp values in your neighborhood. It’ tricky to do online but you can find some good information. It’s much easier to go through a qualified real estate agent who can put this information right at your fingertips and answer any questions you may have.

Spritz up your property

Once you’ve established not only your selling price but your selling strategy, meaning how low you will go and under what circumstances, it’s time to prep your property to go to market. To sell your home as quickly as possible and to get the best possible offer, never underestimate the value of curb appeal, and that extends to inside the house, too. Make sure the view from the street is attractive. Clear the sidewalks, mow the lawn, trim the hedges, wash the windowsills. Then, declutter, clean, dust, polish and paint the interior of your home until it is in a pristine state. Take down family pictures and paint your home in neutral, understated colors. Arrange furniture in an organized manner with lots of space between pieces. Prospective homebuyers need to be able to visualize how a house can become their own home.

Every nook and cranny in your home should be ready to be seen and admired so make sure your closets and cabinets are in order. Buyers will look behind closed doors so line up your spice jars, stack your plates, turn cup handles the same way, store your shoes in shoe bags and color-code your shirts in the closet. If you have excess furniture, clothing and knick-knacks, it might be a wise choice to rent a storage unit and haul them away temporarily and keep them out of sight.


Go through your home and repair and replace anything that is broken, cracked or worn. This includes floor and counter tiles, holes in walls, squeaky drawers and sticky doors and windows. Make sure all lamps and lighting fixtures are lit up; replace light bulbs if necessary. Even invest in new bedding or decorative bath and kitchen sets to add that special touch.

Stage your home

Staging a home is becoming increasingly popular. This entails taking your home decorating for selling to a whole new level. You can do it yourself or hire a professional stager to dress your home to look like a new home model. By arranging furniture in special groupings, using of luxurious fabrics in pillows, throws, curtains or tablecloths and adding unique decorative elements to your living spaces, you’ll kick your home’s visual appeal up a couple of notches.

Now, you or your real estate agent are ready to welcome visitors.

If you’re wondering “How can I sell my house on the Internet?” our real estate experts can help. Area homeowners who would like receive information on how to sell houses in Brentwood or sell Brentwood houses online can contact us.